Avoid these mistakes that will send buyer off

Avoid these mistakes that will send buyer off | Everyone intends to own their dream property someday. However, most sellers are making the following mistakes that causes buyers to be turned away at the hint of such behaviors. There is abundance of choices when it comes to the option to purchase your first Jurong HDB, for starters. 
Avoid these mistakes that will send buyer off

Below are the few examples of mistakes being made by buyers while attempting to sell their properties in today’s market.

1. Reluctant sellers

Once you’ve decided to sell your property, you need to commit to that selling process. If it’s somewhere you’ve made a home and stitched together memories, it can be extremely difficult process to let go of a property, regardless HDB flats or private condominium. In order to entice potential buyers to buy your property, they would need to be convincing with the space they are buying. Give your agent time and space to convince the potential buyer for the acquisition. The seller should not be around to potentially turn away the buyers by sharing their unwanted opinions and comments pertaining the said property. Selling a property is akin to a business transaction. The seller should treat it as such and be as dispassionate as possible to avoid complications.

2. Presentation

Presentation of the property is usually very important. For instance, entering a HDB that is not well presented is often the reason for buyers to withdraw from the purchase. Buyers will walk away if the HDB being presented to them is filled with dust and dirt. One should seek professional help such as cleaners and other relevant ones in order to help with the presentation. Some area of the property should be given extra attention. Some potential buyers would use areas such as living areas, backyards, bathrooms and toilets. Extra attention should be given to areas which people would consider to be least important. If you are asking a premium for the property, certain effort must be taken in order for potential buyers to appreciate the pricing demanded for the property.

3. Odours and Scents

Smells can have a big impact on our property buying process. Unappealing scents could potentially turn off buyers from completing the acquisition. The most annoying smell would be scents from pets. Not everyone is an animal lover so getting rid of the scent from your pets should be an important aspect to consider. In additions, other potential turn offs smells are like cigarette smoke, mustiness, food, perfumes or incense. Install air purifier or air freshener especially in HDB as the proximity between units are close. Hence, the smells from neighbours cooking may be flown to other houses. 

4. Cleanliness

Nobody likes a messy house to begin with. It would be difficult to explain to potential buyers when it comes to a messy living room. It would be better to seek professional organizer in order to help out with the cleaning and organization of your property. This would help to enhance the outlook of the property you intend to sell and gives it a competitive edge in the market.

5. Lack of relevant information

While browsing for HDB flat, nothing frustrates a potential buyer than seeing a property being advertised but without proper pricing guidelines. Specifics details such as property size, amenities and other relevant details should be included in your ads to assist the potential buyers. Besides that, in the advertisement, the range of expected selling price of the property should be present in order for customers to consider whether your property is within their expected budget. 

6. No visual aids

Even with the recent advancement of the Internet, most traditional buyers are not willing to purchase a property without looking through some form of photos. Being able to visualize a future home for the buyer would usually entice them to choose your property instead of another without proper photos. The buyer would need to be able to relate your property with their dreams or ambitions for the future especially Jurong’s HDBs. As there are many HDBs that’s similarly looking. 

7. Choice of agent

Finally, having a good agent could be one of the most important factor for you to consider. Having a professional and efficient agent usually would contribute to the successful transaction for the HDB flats or private condominium. It is difficult for buyers to communicate with agents who are difficult to be contacted or communicated with during the process of choosing the property. Filter your agents before appointing them to be your representative. A good agent does not only need to be good at communication, but they should appear neat and professional in order to inspire confidence in potential buyers. Failure to secure a professional agent might sabotage your sales before it even starts. 


  1. pokok pangkal, pembeli ialah "raja" so, penjual kena melayan dan memenuhi kerenah "raja" tu, selain mencari info terkini untuk memenuhi citarasa "raja"... klu x bijak dan berfikir di luar kotak, pembeli akan lari, kerana 'bersepah' dah penjual kat luar sana...

  2. good tips ni mommy.
    bukan untuk seller je, untuk pembeli jugak.

  3. no 4 tu la selalunya kacau harga rumah.. walaupun value tinggi.. tapi macam ramai yang tak sedar.. nak sewa rumah pun sama..

  4. Nak jual rumah pun tak semudah yang disangka..pffft...


  6. Great article! Cleanliness is so important. Sellers can engage cleaning services to clean their homes.